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Gold Membership- Rs. 100000/- (One Lac only)

  • Full access for Self to all the existing facilities.
  • Invitation to attend all National & State level meet as Special Invitee
  • Full access to immediate family members including Parent, Spouse, Children to the existing facilities
  • Upto 5 extended family members can attend full access of the existing facilities.
  • To be considered as Appointed Trustee on the recommendation of the Board of Trustee as per the Trust Guidelines
  • One FREE LIFE MEMBERSHIP for Spouse/Son/Daughter
  • To Head as Ambassador / Secretary / Treasurer in Various State level , on the recommendation of the as on date BOD
  • Provision of KF facilities to be names after their Parent/Spouse/children, on the recommendation of BOD
  • Discount upto 50% on all OPD consultation fees – for all people recommended
  • Discount upto 60% on all Lab Investigation charges – for all people recommended.

Note:- All The benefits of Membership are subject to the resolution of the trust.